NorStone AS

NorStone is one of Norways largest producers of sand and gravel. We deliver aggregates for concrete and ashpalt, offshore material and other special products.

We have a yearly production of appr. 7 million tons of crushed and natural materials from various qualities. Most of our production is transported by boat to terminals and customers. We have a long experince in shipping to countries in the North Sea basin and beyond.


High quality asphalt needs high quality aggregates! NorStone produces high quality aggregates for ashphalt. From our plants we can ship large volumes with our versatile fleet.

utlasting_reksnes-1.jpg. Loading a vessel at NorStone Tau

Offshore-materials is used at sub-sea installations and under and above pipe lines. NorStone has delivered offshore-material to all exploration fields in the North Sea, as well as projects in other waters. We have high capacity plant and loaders to ensure stable and fast deliveries. 

Rundkjøring Økern. Road for pedestrians and bikes under a roundabout at Økern, Oslo

Concrete is used for a large array of purposes and is the foundation of our infrastructure. Sand, gravel and crushed rock is the main component of concrete. 

Hjullaster Cat 990.

Crushed rock, sand and gravel is used for many construction purposes like road, ditches, draining etc.